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For the past 9 years, I've refined my technique and musicianship while taking it upon myself to perfect the canon of musical literature that all of the masters before me have successfully confronted. The result of my labors is a string of successful collaborations, along with well produced albums generating a fast growing network world wide.      

I can say humbly and without ego that I'm not your average producer. I started my musical training at the age of 7 under the stern tutelage of my step father. A self proclaimed artist who played and mimicked numerous artistic genres, including but not limited to; Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Prince, George Michael , Bee Gees, Marvin Gaye, Elton John, ABBA, Neil Diamond, Santana, Sonny & Cher, Diana Ross.


It was clear from the moment I was born that music was to be my destiny. At the early stages of development I refused to eat unless I was accompanied by musical theory; Bruce Springsteen. This early and invaluable training paved the way for my more formal training provided by Mr. Hefner (vocal training coach).

Ran Luck 

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Acrobat(s), Actor/Actress(s), Comedian(s), Contortionist, Dancer(s), Designer(s), DJ(s), Glass Blower(s), Juggler(s), Model(s), Musician(s), Set Design, (Lights audio/etc.), Singer(s), Synchronized swimming, Tattooist.

"Giving every artist the chance to be heard."


Imagine a world where every artist is given the chance to be heard? An unbelievable opportunity enabling artistic creativeness consuming ones soul while engaging millions within a single click. Proudly introducing: Diamond Beauty Entertainment; where we give every artist the chance to be heard.

About Me


Great music, best wishes, thanks :-)

Performing , Composing, Arranging, Recording, Producing.

  • Perfecting New Artist
  • Creating Memorable Relationships
  • Cross-functional Team Leadership
  • Entertainment
  • Acting; Television, Stage & Film.      

I'd like to share with you our motto.

"I'm passionate about giving back to the music community." - Diamond Beauty

Pryme Tracks (Producer)

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"Without a change, how will you grow?"


Don't think that I'm confined to just performing. Oh, no. I have been formally studying composition for the past 9 years with the best private instructors in the world. I'm always available for original, commissioned compositions.